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My interest in photography came at a very young age. I can still remember getting my first camera - it was my seventh birthday. It began a passion that has sent me on a wonderful journey. From the very earliest moments of my discovery of capturing moments on film, I have always been drawn to photographing people. Friends, family, moments to be cherished forever. Visual reminders, memories that could be physically held.


By age thirteen I'd gone from using a Kodak "point and shoot" camera to a full out SLR. My first "real" camera was a Canon A-1, my dad's that he'd had since shortly after returning from Vietnam. I loved that camera. It served us well on all of the adventures of life. Once the A-1 was retired and I was off to college I honed my craft with a Canon AE-1 before switching to digital in 2005.


With nearly twenty years of experience in photography I am confident with my skills as a photographer and I still LOVE learning and pushing my creativity. I love meeting you, learning your story, and being a part of your moment. Be it a family photo, a senior year, or that most special of Wedding days. The personal connection is what tells the story, it's the story that only a photographer can capture.


Let me be part of your story.


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